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Course: Communication, Radiography, Radiography

Module: Communication, Part 1: Communication and Patient Care

Module Description: Audience: All medical professionals
Prerequisites: None
This module defines interpersonal communication and components of interpersonal communication. Non-verbal communication and the importance of understanding and recognizing its various forms are explained. Effective conversation and listening skills are emphasized and illustrated. The role of communication and effective ways to communicate in the clinical setting are outlined. There is a detailed explanation of how people communicate feelings and how to respond to people in a supportive manner. Finally, effective ways to clarify meaning in a conversation are described. Content based on original Home Study Series, Clinical and Workplace Communication published by ASRT.

Learning Objectives
* Define interpersonal communication and the factors that influence it.
*Understand the significance of nonverbal communication.
*Identify effective conversation and listening skills.
*Understand how people communicate feelings and how to respond in a supportive manner.
*Use appropriate techniques to clarify meaning.

Author: Sinclair Community College
About the author: Sinclair Community College has a 30-year history of providing quality instruction in radiologic technology. In addition, the college’s nationally recognized distance-delivered learning activities date back as early as 1979. By fusing quality radiologic technology instruction with a state of the art distance delivery framework, Sinclair offers top-notch, relevant continuing education opportunities.
Sponsor and/or Accreditation: American Society of Radiologic Technologists
Credits: 1.00
Price: $20.00
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Credits: 1.00
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