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Course: OR Sales Channel, Radiation Physics & Safety, Radiography

Module: Notes on Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety

Module Description:
Audience: Radiologic technologists
Prerequisites: None
Skill Level: Introductory
This tutorial is written for radiologic technologists and there are no prerequisites for taking the course. It reviews some fundamental aspects of X-rays and basic techniques for minimizing exposure to X-rays. It begins with a basic review of X-rays and then discusses practical aspects of radiation protection. Authored by Stephen Balter, Ph.D.
Audience: This is a basic course for Radiologic technogolists. It is not intended for those RT's with years of experience.
Rerequisites: None

Learning Objectives
* Understand the basic physics of X-rays
* Understand the fundamentals aspects of X-rays and radiation effects
* Describe the basic techniques for minimizing exposure to X-rays
* Understand fluoroscopic system operation
* Discuss the practical aspects of radiation protection

Author: Philips Healthcare
About the author: Philips Healthcare is a global leader in diagnostic imaging systems, healthcare information technology solutions, and patient monitoring and cardiac devices. Philips also provides customer services such as financing, consultancy, maintenance and repair.
Sponsor and/or Accreditation: American Society of Radiologic Technologists
Credits: 2.00
Price: $20.00
Sponsor and/or Accreditation: International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists
Credits: 2.00
Price: $20.00