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Using the ASRT Learning Center

Welcome to the ASRT Learning Center!
Whatever your health care interest or imaging specialty – anatomy, physiology, magnetic resonance, computed tomography, general x-ray, ultrasound, cardiovascular, radiation therapy, management, etc. – we have programs for your specific needs.

  How to use the ASRT learning center
Step 1 – Register.

Select Register if you have not registered with the ASRT Learning Center. Registration is easy; simply follow the online instructions to create your personal account. Be sure to indicate your specific profession so we can update you on new, relevant courses.

If you are participating as part of an Online Education Account, be sure to enter your facility's account ID number. This will give you access to continuing education materials purchased in bulk by your organization.

As an individual account holder you may purchase courses one by one as required for your immediate certification needs, or you can register for an Online Education Account and save money by buying access to continuing education credits in bulk, drawing against them for up to three years.

Step 2 – Select and purchase a course(s).

Browse through our Course Catalog and review more than 650 accredited learning activities. Choices include tutorials, case studies, clinical challenges and webinars. Check our website periodically for ongoing promotions, specials, discounts and even free courses.

Place your selections in the shopping cart and enter your credit card and billing information upon checkout. If you have an Online Education Account, your purchase will be automatically deducted from your organization's bank of continuing education credits.

Step 3 – Manage your learning activities.

Managing and reporting your continuing education is simple. Manage all your educational activities through the My Learning Activities page. Access all your courses, track progress, review tests and print certificates and detailed CE reports.

If you are participating as part of an Online Education Account and have been assigned to a virtual classroom, you can view this assignment in My Learning Activities.

Need Help?

For general inquiries, e-mail us at For Online Education Account inquiries, e-mail us at or call us at 800-692-4285 (US) or +1-770-510-1132 (international). Our help desk support portal provides additional support features such as live chat.